Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Productive Weekend

My fabric storage system needed a major overhaul. Because I did not have easy access to my fabric containers, my guest room tended to look like this.
Yeah, I just piled new purchases on the dresser and beds.
Meanwhile, all the blue-green tubs were stored on the floor in the guest room closet, one stacked on top of the other. The twelve smaller square containers were up on the shelf in the closet, stacked on top of each other. I hated trying to pull out the correct container to stuff a new piece of fabric inside, especially since the containers were already so full!
Enter these beauties! I saw a picture of these filled with fabrics on another quilt site. I went searching and found them at Walmart for only $18 each! I bought four Sterilite three-drawer storage units; the drawers are easily removed so I can really search and play.
Here they are, all filled up (with room for more!). And the storage is no longer in the guest room; it is now next to my sewing machine! ...which is in the dining room. But I am so happy. It was such fun to sort through my stash; I found some fabrics I had forgotten about and now I am thinking about new projects!
I put small scraps in the six small boxes on the top. If I have guests for dinner, I can put the ironing board away, close up the Koala cabinet and (since it is on wheels) push the whole thing up against the window. Plenty of room for dining.
The very best outcome of all? I have no desire to go to the fabric store! I had no idea my stash was so large and varied. Easy access will be a huge boost to my creative process.
Next up is to figure out how to hang a design wall behind the ironing board, one that is versatile enough to switch out with a finished quilt when guests are invited for dinner!


Diane W said...

I bought a Fons and Porter design wall at Joann's(50% off coupon). It's kinda like a vinyl tablecloth with grommets at the top. I put up the clear Scotch hooks to hang it on. You could do the same and when company comes take the design board down and hang a quilt on the hooks. Or the hooks are not that noticeable so you might not have to do anything. I guess you could buy a vinyl tablecloth and put the grommets on and you would have about the same thing. This one does have a grid on it which is nice. Visiting from Blackberry Creek Home Arts UFO progress

Mrs. JP said...

I love those see thru drawers. I really need to do the same project you just completed. You're an inspiration :O)