Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Sewing at Retreat #2

I went on a second quilt retreat a few weeks ago; I took along my giant bin of Christmas fabrics, with the plan to start some scrappy Christmas quilts.
This first one is a scrappy Many Trips Around the World. Usually it is laid out differently, but my family likes the zig zag look. I do too!
I am making these 6" stars; eventually there will be plain white squares in between each one. I must make many many more for a whole quilt!
Whoops! This one is sideways. I picked up these Amish-inspired quilt squares at an estate sale for a dollar; I think they were exchange blocks, for they varied in size by half an inch! On a straight setting it was obvious they were different sizes. So I added black to each one, then cut them wonky. Now you would never know they are different sizes! I will add a solid black border to finish it.
I have to show my newest carolers! I found them at Goodwill and they made me laugh out loud!
 Look at their faces---these carolers take singing very seriously!