Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy, but no sewing

While gone to MN in August, Daughter's room became a storage area while the walls in the living and dining room were taped, mudded and textured...
...which is why I am unable to do any sewing! We are now trying to paint both ceilings and walls; everything is covered in plastic and pushed to the middle of the rooms!
And then there is the outside. One half of the house is now painted a lovely green. The rest will wait for Indian summer or spring, as it is now too wet to do any more. I love the color, but I need to do something about that white front door! And the roof really looks awful with the new paint color! Well, replacing the shingles is on our schedule of things to do next summer.
This is the garage door, still the old color. I decided to pull off the late-60's decorative accents, and now I need to do some sanding and filling before the door can be painted green.
And then there is the yard work. These are my pole beans; I let the final crop hang on the plants...
...until they are monsters. I will let the beans dry; the seeds saved will be for next year's crop!
Everything is pretty much out of the garden, except for the carrots. They are so sweet; I am skeptical about just leaving them in the garden; my common sense says that the carrots will deteriorate while just sitting in the wet dirt. So this is my experiment. I will pull the carrots as we eat them, and see if they do last in the ground for a while longer!
I've still got some colorful flowers. The fuschia is blooming really late this year, and I am loving the color of the coxcombs!
And for fall color, I planted some mums outside my dining room window.