Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Green Quilter Update

I have no progress to report this week. I did not do any sewing this week. Just look at my sewing space and you'll see why I did not get to work on anything!
Even the ironing board is buried!
But I did do some digging through my closet, and look what I found!
I purchased a big box full of fabrics and half finished projects for $20. There were also rulers and templates in the box, but I set those aside in my excitement over the fabrics. Last night I dug into the tools and I got excited all over again!
The very best thing is that little odd shaped ruler in the right hand corner. It has many angles, and at the quarter inch spot on each angle is a tiny that I can mark that pivot point! I've been doing that with a ruler, drawing lines to find the intersection point, but this is a very handy dandy tool that I did not know existed! Hip Hip!
So what have I been doing? While the rest of the country is battling snow and floods, I am pulling weeds in my front yard. We've had mild temps and little rain, and I could not resist being outside!


Mama Pea said...

Wow, those rulers are a jackpot! I have one of those flying geese rulers. They are great.

Deb said...

Well, some weeks you just have to take a break. Be encouraged that at least you have a list and are working on it! I just commented over at Susan's that I hadn't picked up some of these UFOs in years and now I'm almost ready to cross another off the list! This is exciting. I'll look forward to your progress report next week, too. Great find at the estate sale!

Lynn said...

What a score with those rulers!

Barbara Anne said...

Whoopee! What choice treasures you unearthed! I visited your estate sale links and am SO impressed and envious of what great fabrics and UFOs you found there.

Your sewing area and ironing board look like mine. I just move stuff away from the sewing table and clear off a corner of the ironing board to sew/press then move stuff again if I need to cut. It's an imperfect system but I have too much stuff in a very small room.

Cheers from a fellow UFO Buster!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Wow! Great estate sale score. I love your sewing room, btw. Looks like someone actually works there. Mine looks about the same always.

Mrs. JP said...

I am so glad that you were kind enough to post the picture of your ironing board. The only reason I know mine is an ironing board is that I remember what the legs look like!
I love your little rulers,,,I remember all the fabric you came home with....YOU SCORED!