Sunday, July 11, 2010

Estate Sale Fabric

I went to an estate sale today, and the fabric stash in this home was out of this world! I bought one large box with miscellaneous fabrics (just take what is in the box) and a large bag with fabrics that I hand picked in the fabric room.
There is a nice stack of purples, one color that I lack the most in my stash. I also picked up some fabulous patriotic fabrics...
There is a stack of whites that I have not seen before, probably older prints. I am also low on greens, so I picked some of them...
And then there were three large pieces, two large enough to use as backings. In the the box there was a great stack of reproduction prints, seen to the right of the bright blue batik.
Here are a few unfinished projects...a small heart quilt on the left, a table topper on the right, some purple/white blocks with no clue what they are for.
There is also an unfinished halloween table runner and purple placemat.

This is my most favorite find of the day...
The selvage says "j.j.'s first grade class" nicole de leon for Alexander Henry Fabrics c. 1994
I may go back next Sunday to see what is left!

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Mrs. JP said...

Wow you scored big time!! I've never thought to go to an estate sale for fabric. You may never have to buy fabric again. You could just sit with all your stuff around you and play for ages :O)