Monday, July 19, 2010

More estate sale fabric!

I went back to the estate sale to see what was left of the fabric. It was the final day, and boy, that room was still stuffed with fabric. I was able to really go through and find the best of what was left.
I found reproduction feedsack fabrics, something I have always wanted but was unwilling to pay the price!
At left is a stack of patriotic fabrics, to the right are a few Christmas pieces, and at the bottom are some great "building" fabrics...bricks, rocks, even wood grain!

Miscellaneous, "I can't pass these up" kind of finds. At the bottom right is Washington State fabric...great for making small gifts for visitors to the area.
Best of all, I found cow fabric! Last week I picked up some white with black words "moo". This week I found the cow fabrics. What on earth will I do with them? The green is a humorous print that would be fun in children's charity quilts; I will probably do a bunch of small quilts using all the fabrics, and the large black and white for the backing.

Yesterday I forgot to add one more picture from our camping adventure...the bat houses!
Daughter said there were 500 bats in one of the houses. She took video of their exit at dusk, and if I could get it to upload onto the blog, I would show you!


Mrs. JP said...

First of all, I'm getting really jealous over here!! Your fabric selections are so great but I can't wait to see what you do with the cow fabric. So cute.
Second of all,,,bat houses?? and run. :)

Bev C said...

Wow, what a great garage sale buy. I can't believe the amount you were able to buy.
Happy days.