Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Costumes!

I've not done any quilt sewing in the past few months, but I have been busy making costumes! My daughter sings in a homeschool choir, and she is also part of the small group ensemble. This smaller choir was invited to sing at an area Victorian Country Christmas; they needed to be in full Victorian costumes. I volunteered to help out...
Here is my daughter, all dressed and ready to sing! Her costume is made out of a beautiful piece of wool that I purchased at a garage sale for $4!  

For this next outfit, I purchased the skirt with the trim already in place. I made the bonnet, the cape, and the muff, using sheepskin (fake) for trim.


This singer had her skirt and bonnet; I made the cranberry velvet cape and added the trim on the skirt.
I absolutely loved making this one...a deep blue velvet jacket with capelet, using lace and pearl trim, and the muff.
Here are the men, wearing vests and cravats that I made, plus top hats purchased during Halloween at Goodwill!


And here is the whole ensemble in full costume. They looked as great as they sounded!


I am so happy to have had this opportunity to sew for a good cause. I needed a break from quilting! Now I am ready to pull out a piecing project again, perhaps something Christmassy!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I made the costumes for Vacation Bible School at my church. The theme was Kingdom Chronicles, emphasizing the armor of God. The setting was a castle; let me introduce you to the characters in the daily skits...
King Karl

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip in the full armor of God

Sir Stephen, Knight
Queen Camilla, evil sister of the king
The Queen's Dragon


The whole cast
I came up with the ideas for the costumes. The queen's dress was made by her mother; the prince's shirt was a combined effort with a friend of mine. The rest I made on my own. My husband built the set of armor and the dragon's head.

It was a lot of work! I am satisfied with the look of each costume, and I have a sense of accomplishment as well.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Farewell Quilt

Recently the associate pastor at my church accepted  a position in another church...in Hawaii! The quilters sent his family off in style with a double-sided quilt. I called it the Coming and Going Quilt.
The going side is the Swoon pattern, using the fabric line "Safari Moon". It represents where the family is going to...islands of bright colors surrounded by a sea of blue.
The coming side is a signature quilt made with disappearing four patch blocks. It represents where the family is coming from, and it is signed by all the families in my church. The sentiments were so special, from how this family made an impact on different people, to light-hearted comments, such as "save me a spot on the beach"!
This family was sent off with much love and a special quilt!
for a Whoop Whoop finish!