Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Costumes!

I've not done any quilt sewing in the past few months, but I have been busy making costumes! My daughter sings in a homeschool choir, and she is also part of the small group ensemble. This smaller choir was invited to sing at an area Victorian Country Christmas; they needed to be in full Victorian costumes. I volunteered to help out...
Here is my daughter, all dressed and ready to sing! Her costume is made out of a beautiful piece of wool that I purchased at a garage sale for $4!  

For this next outfit, I purchased the skirt with the trim already in place. I made the bonnet, the cape, and the muff, using sheepskin (fake) for trim.


This singer had her skirt and bonnet; I made the cranberry velvet cape and added the trim on the skirt.
I absolutely loved making this one...a deep blue velvet jacket with capelet, using lace and pearl trim, and the muff.
Here are the men, wearing vests and cravats that I made, plus top hats purchased during Halloween at Goodwill!


And here is the whole ensemble in full costume. They looked as great as they sounded!


I am so happy to have had this opportunity to sew for a good cause. I needed a break from quilting! Now I am ready to pull out a piecing project again, perhaps something Christmassy!


Mrs. JP said...

All Stunning,,,Merry Christmas to you.

BigEeh said...

Incredible work. they look great!!!