Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sewing for Christmas

Daughter has an Advent calendar that is normally filled with candies each day. This year I decided all that sugar is not necessary. Instead, I have been making a few doll dresses and tucking them into the pockets of the calendar.
Daughter has an impressive collection of American Girl Dolls, but they don't all have Christmasy clothes. Here are four dolls modelling new outfits!
Jamie's Poinsettia Dress

Juliet's formal Christmas dress

Addy wears a lovely velvet and plaid dress

Rena wears winter white pants with a
fir-trimmed top and a warm fuzzy hat!

I sewed up three Christmas potholders for three friends, each reflecting individual personalities: one is full of fun, one is elegant and one is down to earth.
 My favorite is the candy cane one with the backing that says "bah humbug"!
 And here is a UFO table topper that is finally finished! It sat in the drawer, needing binding, for two years. I bound it, and husband took it to work for a gift exchange.
 It went home with a happy co-worker, while husband came home with some Starbucks Christmas coffee!

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Abbey said...

Thanks for the dresses Mom!