Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steady and Relaxing

I am making these blocks one at a time. It is so relaxing
and I just take my time. 13 done, 42 more to go!
 Here is a favorite block...do you know why?
 Look closely. Who do you see?
Yes, it is Elvis! Hee Hee!


BenteOO said...
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BenteOO said...

My first thoughts was that I would like to make one like this. When I saw Elvis - the idea went further,- one of my really big hang-ups are cows! This is a fantastic idea for those really small motives - I really have to!

straythreads said...

I love the scrappy look, I'm sure I have some of the same fabrics. The background squares of my tessellating stars are 2 1/2 inches always the same size as the base of the triangle.

Lisa A said...

I love it!!!

Michelle said...

That's going to be a gorgeous quilt -- and Elvis makes it like an I Spy! :-)