Friday, March 23, 2012

Batik Sampler Quilt Top

I worked hard this week to get the Batik Sampler completely assembled. I am so happy with how it turned out!
( It does have a border on the top; my bookshelf was not tall enough!)

I wanted to single out this block because it has significant meaning for me. I made this block the week of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  I picked the fabrics quite randomly, but when the block was finished, I noticed that the light blue looked like the waves that rolled over the land in Japan, and the center looked like a nuclear warning sign, representing the nuclear power plant meltdown.
I considered remaking the block with different fabrics because I did not think I cared to be reminded of the disaster in Japan every time I looked at this quilt. But someone commented on the block that keeping it would always put some perspective into the quilt. Now, a year later, I am glad I took her advice and kept the block.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Julie!
What a beautiful quilt! Love the colors and the fabrics and several of the blocks are new to me. Your story about the block you singled out is so special and does anchor this quilt to that event in history.

Don't you love the rich colors batik fabrics have?

Applause, applause!!!

Deb said...

Julie ~ it's wonderful! I especially love purples and batiks, and this really caught my eye.