Friday, February 3, 2012

On A Roll...

...making potholders!
I made a fifth potholder for the set I showed last week. I had small pieces leftover and made small nine patch blocks, sewed those into a larger nine patch, then cut to make a disappearing nine patch!
The potholders were made with a charm pack I won last year. It is a Kate Spain design that had a cool colorway (purples, blues and maroony pinks) and a warm colorway (green, orange, yellow, light pink).

I used the warm charm squares to make a second set of potholders!

I will quilt and bind these over the weekend.

I joined my first fabric swap this week. It is an "I Spy" fabric swap; "I Spy" fabrics have visible images of things, animals, buildings, etc. These will be sewn into a playful quilt...and you can play "I Spy With My Little Eye..." when the quilt is finished!

Each person in the swap chooses three fabrics...I have a garden-themed fabric, a cat-themed fabric, and a farm-themed fabric.
(Oops, upside down. Sorry.)
First I prewashed the fabrics, then cut 40 5" squares from each one (120 total); those go into separate baggies and sent to the swap co-ordinator.
She will collect three baggies from each of the 40 people who signed up. After she redistributes the fabric squares, she will send them out to the participants, who will receive back 120 different squares of fabric!

I think I should get my 120 squares in April. Can't wait to see all the variety of fabrics!

Most quilters show pictures of their pets' involvement in the quilting process. This is as involved as Rosey gets...just a lazy girl who takes a lot of naps on my latest quilt!

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Mrs. JP said...

Your potholders are lovely and so is sweet Rosey.

Barbara Anne said...

Love the cheery potholders and your happy charm squares.

Rosey is certainly a charmer, too!


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Those potholders are very nice. And Miss Rosey is so cute on the little quilt.