Thursday, August 4, 2011


It happens every time. I can be making progress on a WIP, and WHAM, I get side-tracked.

This time it was by a picture in a magazine, and of course I had to try to make just one block. Just one.

Ha! One turned into three. But look how cute they are!

 The one on the left is an Ooops. Got the colors switched around. (So in reality, I made four blocks.)

Then there are the raspberries. This is the bounty of just half of the ever-burgeoning bushes one afternoon. I made two pies. I hear they were delicious.
 See?! There are more and more every day. Yikes!

O.K. So I am making a little progress on the pink Topsy Turvy 2. I am calling it "Little Sister".
Tomorrow is Little Green Quilters Update. I am linking up with Susan! (


Mrs. JP said...

Hey, those three blocks would make the cutest table runner!
Beautiful raspberries.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Oh, I love those whirly blocks. And you raspberries look yummy.

Barbara Anne said...

What cute swirly blocks and those are such happy fabrics! A worthy side-track, indeed!


Lynn said...

I love those blocks! I can see why you got sidetracked. I recently sat down to make on disappearing four patch and ended up making 14! So I can relate.