Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Estate Sale

Yes, I went to another estate sale and bought more fabric. I went especially to find more reproduction feedsack fabrics for the blocks I am making. I hit the jackpot! Price was right at 50 cents for a fat quarter. Well, many of the fabrics are more than a fat quarter, but the price was the same.

I am not sure if they are all true reproduction fabrics, but they sure look enough like it to fool me!
 I also found lots of wonderful reds, as I needed more variety for my red and white bowtie blocks. On the top are patriotic and nuetrals. The middle row has fabrics that I bought simply because I liked them!
 This quilter woman must have done a swap of 1.5" red strips, for contributor names are in each baggie. And they are all red!!! On the right are some larger pieces of fabric that were a dollar each.
 And I found two books for a buck each. The big one is all patterns for quilting, and the small book has ideas for quilts using all those reproduction fabrics!
I am very happy to have found such a treasure trove. You would not believe how much I left behind! And no one was buying it. This woman had piles of fat quarters of every style fabric (except oriental); I would have liked to see some pictures of what she created with such a variety of material.


Mrs. JP said...

Wow, you scored again. I like those reproduction fabrics.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

What a haul! You did good.