Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I've had a mess on my dining room table, and I have been determined to get it cleaned up. 
I had been sorting some fabrics and also cutting up the teal blue scraps into usable squares.
Here is the result of perseverance! 
*The table is cleaned off. 
*Nice piles of teal blue squares will be added to the storage boxes. 
*There is a pile of leftover scraps that can be sewed into improvisational blocks. 
*I also cut out enough colorful fabrics to make six additional blocks for a charity quilt.
I sewed those six blocks together, then got busy arranging the squares into a pleasing design. 
I like this one best!
This setting is kind of fun, but it does not look so nice using these unrelated fabric scraps.

I'm working on using my pre-cut scrap squares to make these blocks. More on that in the next post.
Completed purple blocks
Teal blocks ready to sew

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