Sunday, September 11, 2016

Church Foyer Update

It has been a busy busy week with the updating of the church foyer in progress. It was painted a beautiful taupe color last Sunday and Monday. All week I have been working on the rest of the finishes, including recovering the bulletin boards so they are now all the same color!

Good riddance, old pink L-shaped table!  Brown bulletin board with visitors information.

Ministries bulletin board, filled with information regarding ministry in the church (such as elder terms, nursery schedule, greeter/usher schedule, etc). And a new table, where sign up sheets for ministry opportunities will be placed.

The catch-all wall...magazine rack, free literature racks, old Awana plaques, the blue bulletin board with ministries and announcements. Really ancient telephone in the corner.
The unfinished missions bulletin board, where pictures of missionaries and info on their ministries will be hung. The wall space will have missions related artwork...

The former missionary (pink) bulletin boards with missions display table. And to the right of the door is the church building plan.

The new welcome center with visitors information to the right. And on the left is the new announcement board, now called 'news', where thank-you notes are posted as well as general church information.


Abbey said...

Whoa!! It looks so different! I can't wait to see it in person.

Estella said...

Excellantly decorated...and organized...
where is the big table, don't need that?