Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sewing Area Rearranged

In early 2011, I purchased plastic drawer bins for fabric stash storage. I liked this very much, for I could sort fabrics by color, and they would be easily accessible.
Unfortunately, the weight of the drawers made it very difficult to get them opened and closed. So I unstacked the units and lined them against the wall. I hoped this would make it easier to access the fabrics.
A few weeks ago I found this cabinet on Craigslist. It is an old storage closet that was used in a school classroom in the 1960's. I planned to put it in the master bedroom, but it was too large for the hallway and turn into the bedroom. So it is in the dining room.
All those plastic drawers fit into the cabinet with room to spare! I am so pleased to have easy access to each plastic drawer! I put all started projects on the bottom shelf. And I put precuts on the top shelf, including scrappy storage, cut down to usable squares.
I put the Koala cabinet against the long wall and added the side shelves for the first time. I put my quilt books on the left and binders with project ideas on the right. In the center are my quilt magazines. I turned the design wall on it's side.
 I even hung all my larger rulers on nails for better access!
The side of the new cabinet was somewhat scratched and it looked imposing. So I hung a loved fabric on the side and I think it disguises the storage closet well.
The sewing room is now on the south side of the space, and the dining room is on the north side. We have since swagged the chandelier so it hangs over the table.
I love the changes I made. For two years I have struggled with the sewing space, thinking the only solution was to add on to the house. But I could not commit to such a large expense when the house is plenty large as it is. I now have my sewing area in a location that is easy to use, and I can invite people over for meals to be eaten in a dining space!

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LisaS said...

Great work space. Nice to have supplies organized and accessible.