Sunday, January 4, 2015

Design Wall Monday


Happy New Year 2015!
I have been out of the quilting mojo for six months, just not terribly interested. I really enjoyed making the costumes; it was a new outlet for creativity. Perhaps I am getting bored with quilting. Perhaps it is time to look beyond traditional quilts and think about art quilts. I do know I want to make more church banners this year. 
I do, however, have many projects started that I would like finish. I pulled out Christmas Stars, thinking I could make a star a day. All the fabrics are cut and piled; this is as far as I got.
No, it won't be assembled like a Christmas tree, but over the holidays it looked kind of festive on the design wall!

I am going to try to make progress and post it every Monday, linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times. To see what others are making, check it out!

My quilting buddy made me a beautiful batik bag for Christmas! I have to show it off.
Side one
Side two

The inside with lots of pockets!
She said I must use it when we go on quilt retreats. I certainly will!

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Chris said...

Love the stars and they look great as a Christmas tree