Monday, May 12, 2014


I took a trip with my family to Europe! I insisted on finding at least one fabric shop in The Netherlands!
Quiltkelder in Putten

I found the distinctively Dutch fabrics in a basement corner.

 A few fabrics came home with me!

The top row are fabrics for costumes,
while the bottom row just tickled my fancy!
And I wanted a few Dutch themed fabrics as well;
I wonder if Dutch women ever use such fabrics in their quilts?
"Tiles"--I had to have this print too!

In the city of Urk I saw a display window with some Dutch quilt projects...
I was particularly fascinated with the cobblestone roads and walkways throughout the country. The bricks are all shapes and sizes, laid out in designs that can change abruptly!

This was the floor in a restaurant!
I am excited to get busy with those fabrics, maybe incorporating some of the cobblestone designs into a memory quilt of Holland. 


LisaS said...

Love those Dutch fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

BigEeh said...

Love those Dutch cobble stones. Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate their patterns into your design.