Monday, October 7, 2013

Three finishes! (sort of...)

First up is this batik Modern Wedding Ring quilt that I made for my brother and his wife, in honor of their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I had a friend longarm quilt it, but I can't find that picture. It is beautiful!
Next up are the final three blocks for the Virtual Quilting Bee. I can't wait to see how the hostess plans to assemble these blocks into a quilt!

And here are all sixteen completed blocks. What a cacophony of color!

For more information about this quilt-along, go to
The final finish is God's handiwork - something from the garden. What a surprise to dig up RED carrots. (I forgot that I planted this color!) They are so pretty to look at, both on the outside...
 ...and on the inside.
They taste really really good...
I am linking up with Design Wall Monday.

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LisaS said...

Love the batik quilt. I've never heard of red carrots. Wild!