Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Sew-In

*I apologize for the pictures--blogger is squashing with them....
A friend came over today and we did some sewing together.
This first quilt is a jelly roll race that she had finished; she made a lovely backing for it.
This second quilt was finished today by my friend.
 She started a third, using the same pattern as before, just different placement of colors.
 Here is the one quilt I worked on. I have eight more blocks to make.
We are using all the same fabric to make many different quilt patterns. (The fabric was on sale at Joanns, and we both bought some without the other knowing!)


Mrs. JP said...

I made some progress on a baby quilt that looks lots like the top one.

Jenny Watson said...

Hi JP, If you have finished your baby quilt then please share with us.Thanks