Saturday, April 6, 2013

Charm Square Zig Zag

A couple of months ago I spied this charm pack at Tuesday Morning.
Take a look at what it is....100 squares.
And the price?   99 cents!!!     SOLD!
 There are five different fabrics, 20 squares of each. I added 20 white squares... make a zig zag quilt top! This one is constructed using half-square triangles.
 Size: 42"x50"
It will be another donation quilt after it gets quilted.

On Friday the third block in the Virtual Quilting Bee was posted. 
Here is mine!
I was afraid the yellow would be over powering, so I added two other very bright solids and I think the yellow fades into the background.


And how about a few last patriotic blocks?! I was thinking of making this block for the exchange, but I struggled with getting it up to a 12.5" square. These are just shy of that size, so I will keep these to put into my own sampler quilts.
These little pinwheels are 4.5". I made five of each one, and sent four of each along with the exchange blocks. I will get 24 different pinwheels back!
Enough with the patriotic already! I don't think I will do anything more red, white, and blue until the end of May, when my exchange blocks come back in the mail!

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Whitney said...

julie thankyou for the kind words on my blog! it's nice to see what others have been up to and you my dear really are "keeping busy"!! love your zig zag quilt - what a steal on those squares!! . . .maybe i'll try a virtual quilting bee . .looks like fun!