Thursday, January 31, 2013

Utter Failure...

...and I don't mind one bit! I did not meet a single goal that I made in my last post.
Here is a recap of January goals and the little bit of progress made...
1. Finish the American Girl Christmas dress.
Nope, did not even touch this one, even though it would take but an hour to complete it.
2. Quilt, bind, and send the Isaiah baby quilt.
Nope, but I did start on the machine quilting.

3. Make daughter's coat.
Nope, did not touch this one either. It has been put away until late summer and will be ready for her to wear in the fall.
4. Scrappy Grama - add the border and sandwich it.
Nope, but I did get strips cut for the pieced borders!

Here is one project that was not on the goals list! I am joining a quilt guild; at the next meeting, the members will be making quilts for the Ronald McDonald House. I pulled this one out and got it all ready to be assembled.
I bought the nine-patch blocks at a garage sale a few years ago, along with the matching fabrics. I got busy and planned a quilt that will showcase those beautiful mama cows and their calves!
Here are February goals:
1. Finish the Isaiah quilt and get it into the mail!
2. My Mother-in-law will be in town on Feb.7. I sure hope I can have the Grama Scrappy ready to go so she can take it home and start handquilting it.
3. Complete the cow quilt and get it donated!
4. O.k. I will add the Christmas dress back in. It will sit on the table until I finish it, so I will get it done.
And here is exciting news. I am getting a frame for short-arming! A friend of mine is upgrading to a 'real' quilting machine, and she offered me her 10-year-old Gracie frame. I said YES! It has a stitch regulator made for my machine attached to it. I hope it will help me whittle down my large stack of "to be quilted' quilts.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations on getting a home set up going for your quilting. It will make a huge difference. Some months we just don't meet our goals, but this is a new month!