Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goals Not Quite Met!

The banner did not hang in church at all, for it was not finished.  Here is what is done so far.
I need to finish the edges and sew a rod pocket on the back. I ran into some problems, both with my machine and with the fusible web. The machine would skip stitches and it took me days to figure out how to fix that....use a Quilting Needle! As for the fusible web, it was old and did not stay stuck, so I ended up doing a lot more machine applique than expected.
The leaves look so pretty!

Tomorrow is the day I post my finished Holiday Lane pillow!
The hop is already in progress. If you would like to see some amazingly creative pillows, you can find the full schedule with links here....

See you tomorrow!

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Abbigail said...

I'm havingthe same issues with my machine while trying to machine button hole some ironed on applique. Thanks for the info on the needle. I didn't know there was a quilting needle!