Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grama Scrappy

So I opened up the Koala Cub Cabinet on Thursday, after 10 weeks of being all closed up; the Juki sewing machine is so happy to see the light of day again!

I made a few more of the Grama Scrappy blocks. I call it Grama Scrappy because my MIL has given me all her small scraps, and I am using them to make a scrappy quilt.
Each block is 9" finished and uses 49 pieces of fabric 1.5" wide. I have 20 blocks finished, and I took the time to make sure I had enough scraps to make 35 more blocks.
 After assembling each block one at a time, I have decided to piece the rest in more workable chunks.

On another note, this morning the postman dropped off a box for me. I ordered a few more pieces of my dinnerware with birthday money. (Thanks, MOM!) The pattern is Rose-a-Day, vintage 1959-1962ish, and I always keep my eyes open for pieces I don't have. These came from
 I had to laugh...
These are soup bowls. The ones on the left are the ones I have had for a while. The ones on the right are the newly-arrived ones. I expected them to be a bit different but not THAT different! (The Vernonware company was bought out by Metlox during production of this line, and they changed some of the sizes of the pieces.) The flatter ones will be great for pasta!
And the butter dish....was made for sticks (still available in the Midwest) and not cubes (like we have here on the West Coast). Oh well.

I have also been working on some rearranging and downsizing of the stuff I have in my kitchen. I finally put all my Rose-a-Day into the glass-fronted cupboard, and it looks soooo nice.
We are now using these every day. What fun!
It makes every mealtime special.


Anonymous said...

I see the milk pitcher on the top row behind the teapot. This was the piece that started the collection. She would smile today if she saw your dishes...She thought that "milk pitcher" was special. MOM

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Thanks for stopping by to check out my bowl runner. Funny you mentioned the icrcream shop....I thought the same thing!!!!

Mrs. JP said...

You highlighted two of my favorite things. Quilts and dishes.
I really like your butter dish and the scrappy quilt will soon be cuddling someone at the fast pace you keep.

Harriette said...

How lovely to eat from those beautiful dishes every day. I love the colours of your blog and the picture of the strait.

Carrie P. said...

Great looking blocks and how nice of your MIL to share her scraps with you.
Your dishes are so sweet. That is very interesting about the bowls. Yes, I think the flatter ones will be great for pasta. I do like the shape of the other ones.
Thanks for coming by my blog for bowl blog hop and leaving such a nice comment.