Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flimsy Finish and (Another) New Start

I finished the I Spy (girl) quilt top this week. The different fabrics came from a swap, and I purchased the border fabric at Walmart for $4.97 yd. What a surprise to find the same exact fabric at Joanns for $7.99 yd!

I decided to make a high school graduation quilt and it must be finished by the end of May! I was not sure what colors the student likes--I have a large collection of black-on-white and white-on-black prints; the combination is timeless and the quilt won't look dated a few years from now. Here is the start...
I like the modern wonky look so far; I hope the grad likes it too!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Surprise

I walked in the backyard today and saw this...
My rhubarb is - - - blooming?!!!
Yes indeed!
I did not know rhubarb could bloom and go to seed!
It is beautiful!
I read online that the flowering stalk must be removed to
preserve the plant.  So, I chopped it off (the stalk is hollow) 
and stuck it in a modern vase!

Look! There is another one coming up--
It is 4-5 inches tall.
I pulled this one off as well, and I was very curious...
what did it look like inside???
Peeling off the outer casing revealed there are a few regular stalks with leaves inside, plus the actual flower/seed pod on the left.
I am amazed at this discovery. I thought rhubarb was one
of those root/bulb-type plants that multiplies underground.

I have learned something new today!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A (small) finish and a start

I've been working on a costume for a friend of my daughter. Hopefully I will have a picture of it next week. But I have squeezed a few small quilty projects in while working on the dress.

Here is Beach Boys 2, quilted and bound!  
The backing is so cute--dog tags with names; I just turned it round to the front for the binding.

I participated in a fabric swap for "I Spy" squares. I was so thrilled when the swapped fabrics were returned to me that I jumped right in and started a disappearing nine patch!
This is only half the swapped squares. The other half are very boyish prints, so I am making a girly quilt and a boyish quilt!

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