Monday, September 19, 2011

A Gardening Post

My new hibiscus plant, purchased with birthday money!
 A small hydrangea, also from birthday money.
 With the warm sunny weather,
the rest of my flowers are blooming beautifully!
 The fig tree is FULL of fruit this year!
 The figs practically fall off into your hands.
 Here's the meat of the fig...
so juicy and sweet! Yumm!
 The view of the apple tree from my kitchen.
We have two apple trees;
one tree drops apples in early August,
but this one waits until mid September.
 And....we have a mole. 
It is carving a path right through the back yard.
 Never fear, Rosey is here!
She spends hours like this...
 And when she hears or senses a noise, she checks it out.
Husband has plans to buy a trap soon.
Meanwhile, we find Rosey highly entertaining!

1 comment:

Mrs. JP said...

I read another blog, Sand Flat Farms, and she keeps a dead gopher count on her page. Those buggers make your yard look like a war just happened. It's good that you have a faithful helper.
Your flower and fruit garden looks beautiful.