Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Green Quilters Update

July 1 - - edited... I had this post ready for last week's update, but since there was no posting, I am linking this (while on vacation)with Susan at !

I am making no progress on anything this month. But I have been playing.

In the making of this church quilt, there were a lot of triangles left over.

See? I sewed them into half square triangles...327 of them, to be exact. They are trimmed down to 2.5 inches. So, what to do, what to do?
I had no idea how many layouts you can do with half square triangles! Take a look at 10 possibilities I laid out on my design (dining room) table...

1. Here they are, all lined up in a row.

2. How about diamonds?

3. Pinwheels, anyone?

4. I am not sure what this block is called; it looks sort of like a starburst!

5. An hour glass layout....

6. I call this one 'school of fish'!

7. Each of these blocks has a square in the center, and....

8. is the same block with pinwheels in the center. A totally different look!

9. Can you see the four patch block in this setting? (I guess you could also call it a 16 patch block, but I would assemble it like a four patch.)

10. And here is a nine patch block setting! (Or a 36-patch, if you like!)

With only 327 of these 2.5 inch squares, the quilt will not be a big one, perhaps a baby quilt or two. I think I know which one I like the best! How about you?


Mrs. JP said...

I started keeping count,,,3,4,5,7,8,9 & 10!!! I had no idea how many designs one could make.
Thanks for the direct to the web page for the Forest Bricks quilt!

Wytchy in the Woods said...

I love #4, but I can't remember what it's called and I also really like #8. I think #8 would make a great baby quilt pattern.

Bright Blessings,

Wyntr (who has not set her blog up yet)

Barbara Anne said...

What a wealth of blocks and quilts can be made with such a simple block! I know I love the Pinwheels, the Stars, and the Diamond shapes but all are amazing! Have fun choosing which to make!

Love the church quilt, too.


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Love all of them, but I guess the pinwheels is my favorite. I just love pinwheels.

silversewer said...

No 5 is my favourite, but they are all lovely, amazing what you can do with HST's isn't it?