Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Green Quilters Update

I've been doing some work on the Purple Estate Sale quilt.

I decided to do a 'round robin' pattern. Normally a round robin quilt is worked on by multiple quilters, each adding a border as the quilt is passed around. This round robin is staying put with me!

Here is what it looked like last week, the center medallion purchased at an estate sale.

And here is the progress I have made this week: one pieced border and one containment border. Hey, this is fun!

The next round will include these appliqued flower strips. (I still have to machine stitch around each flower.)
Stay tuned....I hope to have more progress to show next week!

I will also be posting pictures of four quilts made by women in my church for the 2011 high school graduates. We are presenting them on Sunday, so I'll have the pics maybe on Monday!

To see the progress made by other Little Green Quilters, go visit Susan at


Mrs. JP said...

I had to back and forth between those two pictures to make sure that was the same center!! It is amazing what a border will do and I love the one you pieced together. I look forward to more on "the purple estate quilt" a.k.a. "the self-appointed round robin quilt!"

Barbara Anne said...

I love your additions to the purple estate quilt center and especially that pieced border. That wonderful block unit is so versatile depending on the light/medium/dark fabric placement and on which direction you rotate the units. I've used it in 3 quilts and am so pleased with how it looks in each one.

Love your idea for a round robin at home with only me, myself, and I participating! You 3 are doing great!


Lynn said...

The purple round robin is looking so cute! Great find!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Great idea to make this one as a round robin. What you've done so far is lovely. I once did a round robin quilt alone. It was fun.