Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Quilts 2011

Each year our church presents quilts to the high school graduates. I am part of the group that makes the quilts. This year we had four graduates, and we presented the quilts today!

This first one is from a free pattern called "Trimming the Tree" by Sharon Holland at . On the websight the quilt was done in holiday fabrics, but we used the current popular colors of aqua, red and white. (All our fabric is donated, and it is a challenge to come up with fabrics that work well together. This one worked out great!)

The second quilt was made using the "Twister" tool from . It is relatively simple to make...first sew 10" blocks together into a giant quilt. Using the Twister ruler, the quilt is recut, and when resewn together, pinwheels appear! The fabrics follow an outdoor theme: owls, deer, bear, paw prints, tents, etc. The young man who received this quilt is actually going into camp ministry!

Here is a quilt pattern called "Warm Wishes". We had this old red, black and white fabric in our church stash for a long time. It is an oldy, and it would take a special pattern to make the fabric shine without losing it's creative artistry. When I first saw the "Warm Wishes" pattern, I knew we could finally use this treasured fabric!

This beautiful floral quilt may just be my favorite this year; I'm not sure of the name of this pattern. We had a large collection of large print floral fabrics, but none of the pieces was enough for one quilt. So we used many florals to make this gorgeous quilt. It is so much more beautiful in real life than in the picture. Such an easy pattern, too.

We tie all our quilts. While there are few of us who do the actual piecing, we generally try to get lots of women in the church involved in the tying of the quilts. It was easy this year, with just four quilts; one year we had eleven quilts to make and tie! Each quilt measures 80"x 90".

It is a blessing to be a part of this ministry. Most of the kids have testimonies of living their lives for the Lord. The quilts are a warm reminder of their Christian heritage in our church!

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Mrs. JP said...

What a great ministry to be a part of! My favorite is the last one. It looks like a mosaic! How did you do that? Really, would you e-mail me the directions for that quilt? I am sure that all the graduates were pleased and the quilts will be treasured.