Thursday, March 17, 2011

The final two blocks

The Blogger's Block-a-palooza is winding down. Here are my final two blocks.

Block 15 is called Double Pinwheel. I love the block, but my color choices are questionable. (The block is pictured sideways.) When I look at it, I see tsunami waves and a nuclear danger symbol. I am thinking of changing it somehow. Or perhaps I will make a whole new one and keep this one as a prayer reminder for Japan.
Block 16 is called Pinwheel Parade. This is a cheerful block and it was very simple to make. It is bittersweet, for it is the last block in this quilt along.
In one week, the host will post finishing instructions...sashing, borders, etc. I think I will make at least four more blocks; I have enough fabric, and I am not terribly fond of square quilts. They are great to hang on the wall, but not big enough to cuddle underneath!

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Mrs. JP said...

your blocks are beautiful. I love the prayer reminder idea. I'd put it in the quilt--that way the whole quilt is a prayer reminder.