Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Green Quilters Update

Here is my first UFO update for the Little Green Quilters (LGQ). You can click on the LGQ picture on the right to see what others are doing to finish up those unfinished objects!

I got the snowflakes made for the snowman runner. I drew the snowflake pattern on the fusible web, then I ironed the web onto the fabric and cut out the shapes. I was not careful, though...
...for look what happened to my iron. Fusible web goopie on the faceplate. I need to unearth the iron cleaner and clean up the mess before I can apply the snowflakes onto the runner. Bummer. Because I have no idea where the iron cleaner is at the moment!

So I pulled out the little nine patch blocks. I assembled another 20 last night, but have not pressed them because of the afore-mentioned problem. And, there are another ten squares in process. At 3.5" finished, these little patchworks go quickly!
Hopefully by next week those snowflakes will be in place permanently!
Thanks for stopping by...


Deb said...

Hi Julie ~ thanks for stopping by and seeing my UFO! Too bad about your iron...that's happened to me before. I hope your snowflakes get finished. Oh, I love seeing your little 9 patch blocks!! I just won a bag of little scrap blocks; that would be a perfect use for them! Thanks for the idea.

Donna said...

I know how it feels about the iron :( I have done this many times.
Your 9 patch blocks are adorable!

Mrs. JP said...

Wow, that one thing can gum up the whole works. Sorry for the pun but I had to say it :O) It seems to me like vinegar on a rag would clean that right up.....I'm not sure though.
Those little 9 patches are cuties!

Exuberant Color said...

You can iron over a dryer sheet and it will pull most of that off your iron. If you use one with a scent though, it will transfer the scent into your ironing board cover. I have also found that Soft Scrub works on cleaning an iron.