Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Many things going at once

(Sorry about the crooked photo. I cannot get it to post the right way.)
I am cutting more 1.5" squares. My MIL has very eclectic taste in fabric, so it is fun to cut up stuff I would not have purchased! She cut some squares too large or rather wonky, so I am cutting them down into square squares!
Husband is terribly hard on clothing. I mended his Gortex overmitts in anticipation of cross country skiing. I used some stretch denim. By the end of the season, the second mitt may need the same treatment.
I gave up on keeping Daughter's present a surprise. As a homeschooler, she is home all the time, and I cannot sew in secret. Here I am, working on American Girl Doll clothes.
When they are all finished, I will post a picture of the girls modeling their new "uniforms"!


Mrs. JP said...

Oh my, you are busy! As my mom says, busy hands are happy hands. Nice patch on those gloves. Say, are there patterns for American Doll clothes? My granddaughter is getting one of those for Christmas.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Julie in WA said...

Both Simplicity and Butterick have patterns for 18" dolls. Years ago, the patterns were actually designed for the American Girl dolls, but now the patterns are just labelled for 18" dolls. I always buy them at JoAnns when patterns are on sale!