Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheaper than therapy

I spent the day cutting 1.5" squares, then sewing them together into mini nine patches. It looks like a huge mess, but it works for me to get the variety I want!
When I have had a difficult few days, piecing quilt squares is great therapy. I can understand why people turn to quilting during tough times. I sewed 28 squares today, for a grand total of 130 finished. Unfortunately, I need a lot more than that if I want a queen size quilt!
I'm also trying to make some progress on a table runner for my mom. I hoped to have it finished in time for her party, but it was a few days ago. Maybe I can finish it by January!
I will put machine applique snowflakes in the centers!


Mrs. JP said...

Hey, those nine-patch squares are gonna make a stellar quilt and it's a project you can always pull out and keep working on. Please post a pic of the table runner with the snowflake quilting. It's just darling

Kristen said...

Pretty runner! I am loving the 1.5 inch squares too!