Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Beauty Quilt

I spent some time drawing diagonal lines on cut squares tonite. The maple leaf block for my fall quilt uses half square triangles, and my preferred method of making them includes diagonal lines on the background blocks.
Here are enough squares to make 30 blocks. It does not take much time, especially if a Star Trek Voyager dvd is playing!
I decided the background fabric (on the right) was too white, so I am using the wrong side of the fabric (on the left) as the right side! It is a softer look with the fabrics I am using for the leaves.
I have four blocks assembled! I am looking forwards to making blocks with more colorful fall prints...greens, oranges, reds, etc.
These will finish at 7 inch blocks. I need to figure out what size I want this quilt to be, and then I will know how many blocks I need.

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Mrs. JP said...

That would also make a really cute wall-hanging! I love the idea of using the "wrong" side of the fabric! You are right it is much softer. Way to "think outside of the box!" Have a happy and blessed weekend!