Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retreat Update

I'd like to introduce you to...Big Bertha and Minnie. Big Bertha recently joined my quilt tools to add support to Minnie, who has been with me since I got my first sewing machine in 1989. Minnie still does a great job, but Big Bertha has been brought in for really big jobs. Her egonomically correct body design helps my hand to relax and 'enjoy' the task at hand.
I used Big Bertha to remove the four corners from this block. The off-white flowered fabric was bothering me, so tomorrow I will try to replace it.
This next block has seen a lot of Big Bertha as well. Now, even though I am a recovering perfectionist, I still am serious about accurate cutting and piecing. But that middle pinwheel square was NOT square, and when I tried to attach the green strips, they did not fit according to the measurements. Oh, how I sewed and ripped, sewed and ripped. Next I worked on the flying geese. I must be really rusty, for I started out sewing right side to wrong side, and yes, more ripping.
I finally laid it all out to take a look before attaching the geese; once again, the off-white flowered fabric bothered me. The color in the photos really is not does look awful with the white surrounding the geese. So.....tomorrow I will (once again) do some ripping; I think I will use this scrolly fabric instead.
Alas! I did finish the paper pieced block! It turned out just fine. (Bertha was used extensively on this square too.)
So I am calling it quits for tonite. I had frustrating moments today, but at least Big Bertha and I know each other v-e-e-e-r-y well now.


Leah said...

Sorry you have been spending lots of time with your seam ripper!

Great blocks!

Mrs. JP said...

I have a minnie too! I don't spend a much quality time w/ mine as you do. I wish I was more of a perfectionist.

Libby said...

Beautiful Christmas blocks! and great seam ripper!