Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilt Retreat...Final Update

So here is the block that I worked on yesterday but did not like. Now I love it! It might just be my favorite block so far!
Here is a successful paper-pieced block! I have learned that the bigger the pieces, the easier the block. This one took me under 30 minutes! I don't know that I love to paper piece at this point, but I will say that it makes extremely accurate blocks!
Here is another paper-piecer! I even appliqued that little center circle by hand.
And here are the finished blocks so far...(again, blogger, what is up with the turning of my pictures? Grrr.)
I hope to set them like this, on the diagonal, with sashing. I have five more blocks to make...all applique. I can't say it will be done for this Christmas, as I have many other projects that beg my attention. But who knows? I may surprise myself!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this quilting retreat. A great big THANK YOU to Susan at Blackberry Creek Home Arts ( for hosting this in-home quilt retreat. It has been just the boost I needed to get my mojo back for quilting!

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Mrs. JP said...

Stunning, lovely, super amazing, I'm running out of words...speechless (almost) All the blocks are beautiful. I've heard the same thing about paper piecing. If you start with less seams it becomes easier. I need to get a jump start like you did.