Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilt Retreat!

Well, my house is getting put back together. Like so many quilters, my sewing room shares the dining room. We moved furniture around so that my Koala sewing cabinet can be opened to the max; hopefully I can contain the fabric mess to the Koala instead of the dining table! (Husband installed my new chandelier! Oops..burned out bulb.)
Susan, over at Blackberry Creek Home Arts ( is hosting an IN-HOME Quilting Retreat this week, and I have decided to join in! I am busy preparing for it...

Sewing machine....Check.
Good lighting....check. (put all 60 watters in that new chandelier, pulled in the torch light from the living room, added the little Ott light to the Koala.)
Cutting and Ironing center....Check.
Plenty of thread...Check!
Let's see...what else do I need?
Oh! Projects, of course! I would love to complete the flying geese top:
Or how about putting the Sunshine Quilt together?
Then there are Christmas projects. This one (from last year) still needs binding:
Here is a new project that is completely cut out...a zigzag quilt in the holiday/winter theme:
Oh, dear. I had hoped to work on this Christmas sampler all spring/ block a week. That obviously did not happen. There are applique blocks in this one, and even though the pieces are fused to the background, I need to get the other machine out for stitching the edges down.
One non-quilting item...last year I told a little girl who comes to Bible Study (with her parents on Sunday evenings) that I would make her a bag. Nothing fancy, and it should sew up rather quickly, but I just have not had the time to put it together. Maybe this should be my first project?
The fun starts tomorrow! I hope to post a couple of times a day to show what progress I am making. Homeschooling takes top priority, of course, but Daughter will be at Shakespeare class for part of the day! And maybe I will get up early for a change?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I came over from Susan's blog to see how you are doing on the retreat sewing. It looks like you have everything taken care of! I've been sewing all morning. cheers! Sandy Gail ( Sandra Neel Hutchins)