Thursday, June 3, 2010

Playing with fabrics - Nine patch blocks

So here are some nine patch blocks I found in the church quilt stash. The print fabrics are all cotton, the purple is a polycotton. It is much easier to sew cotton to cotton.
So I decided to cut them up for a disappearing nine patch, also known as split nine patch. Here is one block.
Cut the block into four equal squares.
Then put them back together in a different order!
Now the fun really begins! I could make them into the above 4-patch block, set in rows with sashing.
OR, I could line the individual squares in diagonal rows.
How about sewing them into blocks and then set them like this, adding sashing and triangles to the sides for a rectangle quilt?
I did end up sewing them together into blocks like the above. I will have to find the right color for sashing.
Then I put them aside and started playing with something else! Stay tuned...

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Mrs. JP said...

I'm going to try the disappearing nine-patch! Very nice.