Saturday, June 5, 2010

More blocks from the stash...

Here is a grad quilt we made in 2007. It has two blocks: the nine patch and the hourglass.
In the stash, I found two finished hour glass blocks, and there were some more ready to be made. There is a cool trick to doing it the fast way without the trouble of a stretched seam from sewing on the diagonal.

Take two different fabrics, stacked right sides together. These are 12" squares. Draw lines from corner to corner.
Sew a quarter inch on each side of the line in one direction; cut in half on the center line.
Iron the two squares open.
Put them right sides together again, opposite colors on top of each other.
Sew a quarter inch from each side of the diagonal line again. Cut it half.
Voila! It is an hour glass block! Easy peasy.
I think there are eight of them now. They will get used eventually.

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