Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Geese, plants, and...ICK!

I pulled out the flying geese quilt I am making for my homeschool mom friend. Shhh...she does not know. I thought I made enough, but, nope. Had to make a couple more.

Hey, look! There is a little Sunshine ender!

Here are the geese all flying together. I think they are confused, some flying to the east and the rest are flying to the west!

I then worked on the red and black strips to separate the geese. Here is a mock up of the layout. (Very poor color.) I am trying to decide if the black strips need to be thinner. Maybe the geese should go in different directions?
Tonite I looked at my poor indoor plants and decided it was time to repot some of them. I did it in the solarium because it makes such a mess. (I'll clean it up tomorrow!)

And look what I found in my garden, filching my lettuce! There are TEN slugs here.
They make an awful slimmy mess. But they are fun to watch. If you touch them, they sort of curl up. But when they feel comfortable, their antenae/eye protuberances pop out and they work at sliming away. I really scrubbed my hands well after this. Then I could still feel them sliming all over...especially in my neck. ICK!
(Please do NOT ask what I did with the slugs. It was very traumatic, and I can't talk about it.)


Mrs. JP said...

Oh my, that quilt is stunning!
Oh my, those slugs are gross!
Oh my, they would both send me running!
but in different ways!
LOL,,,I'm a poet and don't know it.

Mary said...

I like that flying geese technique.
Yuck with the Slugs. They would always eat my pansies. Did you give them the salt treatment?