Saturday, June 12, 2010

Christmas Sampler Quilt, Block 1

The flying geese had to disappear for a while, as the recipient dropped by. So I started a Christmas Sampler.

Last year I won a copy of this magazine.

There are 100 different blocks by 100 well-known quilters. I had a fat quarter bundle that included the right colors for a Christmas quilt; I making blocks from the magazine.

Here is block 1. I like how it turned out. But it took a while to get it done. You see, the pattern had a few measurements wrong, so the block would not go together. I had to recut three pieces.

Unfortunately, I did not have any more of the green fabric, so I had to piece the little bits of leftover together to make the third piece the right size; I had to include a bit of solid green.
You can see it in this picture, but when the quilt is finished, no one will ever know it is there!

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Mrs. JP said...

That is a beautiful block. I'm going to try to make it today and see if I can keep up with you!!! You do stay busy. I can't quite figure out the outside of the block but I'm saving a copy of the picture and will try to zoom in on it. Keep me posted on your blocks. This will be fun.