Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beach Boys and Rosey

I finished the Beach Boys top tonite. I think it turned out cute! The black border is all paw prints. I sort of wish that I had used a darker bottom sill of the attic window block.
So, here is my amazing new machine!
It can go 1500 stitches a minute, which I tried out for the first time (while sewing the borders).
Well, Rosey was in her kennel, which is right next to my sewing cabinet. The high speed of the machine produced a high whine, which made Rosey highly uncomfortable. After a few wimpers and shifting in positions...
...she high-tailed it as far from me as the front door!
Poor Rosey.
But it made me laugh!

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Mrs. JP said...

I really like that quilt. I didn't find anything that cute on my fabric hunt. You'll have lots of fun with your new machine.