Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Garden Tour

It has been raining today, and then when the sun comes out, everything seems to glow with life! This is in my backyard. The wisteria is in bloom; under the arbor is a mysterious plant. It has beautiful blooms. There used to be a different kind of plant there, and I think it had been grafted onto this plant. The other plant died and this one is a more-than-acceptable replacement!

Then there are these purple flowers. I always call it bachelor's button, but in reality it is a corn flower. They love to expand. I actually have oriental poppies in there as well, but they are rather overwhelmed!
My peonies have bloomed and are done already. They don't bloom very long, just a few days. Then the rain forces them to bow their heads until the petals fall off.
In the front yard are my salmon-colored petunias! I have not put colorful flowers along the walkway before, but it really needs a splash of color. I'm loving it!
And last, but not least, the glorious giant rhododendron! It used to have branches and flowers to the ground, but it covered up the third bedroom window and I was uncomfortable with the safety of that. So I keep the branches cut high. Eventually I hope it will grow into a tree and soar above the roofline! The bees feast with appreciative buzzing!
Stay tuned...there are many many more plants that will bloom all summer long, and I will try to remember to share them with you! After all, gardening and sewing are the two great legacies I got from you, Mom!

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