Monday, May 31, 2010

Sewing Binding

I'm not terribly fond of making binding. For the church quilts, we usually turn the back to the front or front to the back. It is cheater binding, but it is much faster than putting on a separate binding. But this time we were not able to work it out, so we will put real binding on.

I found piles of precut strips in the church stash. I think they were cut for sashing; at 2.5" wide, the navy strips were perfect! First, sew the strips together on the diagonal.
Then iron neatly in half, wrong sides together.
Roll up on empty toilet paper rolls! The one on the right is (hopefully) enough for the two church quilts. The one on the left is for the patriotic quilt.
I find this to be tedious work, but since it is a necessary part of quilting, I do it. On Wednesday we will bind and finish the church quilts. And on Sunday, the quilts will be presented to our two graduating seniors!

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