Thursday, May 27, 2010

An old quilt top

Here is a quilt top that I bought at a garage sale last year for $35. It is huge! It creates a wonderful optical illusion! There is some damage in this hand-sewn beauty; I will be able to undo the damaged edges and use the good pieces to fix holes in the middle. After repairs, it will still be large enough to completely cover my queen size bed!
Here is a close up of the pattern. I have not seen it anywhere else, and I cannot identify it.
All the seams are set in, something I don't ever care to do with a machine. But I will honor the quiltmaker and hand sew it when I repair it. Then to clean it. Yikes, I am sure that red will bleed. I will have to do some major research before getting this one wet! Eventually I would like to hand quilt it as well!

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