Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Musical Daughter

I was trying to upload a video of the homeschool choir, but after two hours, I gave up. So here is daughter singing with the choir at a Ladies Tea (at a Reformed Baptist Church, of all things!).
Here's my beautiful girl. The choir 'uniform' is black pants with this burgundy t-shirt that has their theme on the back... Shout with joy to God, all the earth.
Sing the glory of his name. Make his praise glorious. Ps. 66:1-2

Our church had a Ladies Tea a few weeks ago. Daughter and friend Sarah sang a song called "Sisters"; they played it up and made the audience laugh!

Then there was the annual piano recital. Here is daughter and her teacher. The teacher is a real flower child. She drives a yellow VW bug and she dresses sort of like a hippie. She has such a great personality; daughter loves her as voice and piano teacher.
When I had a piano recital, the music had to be memorized. Everyone would wear nice clothes. I would stand up and say "I shall play Blah Blah Blah by So and So", or if it was a duet, "We will play ... by...". Afterwards we were supposed to take a bow. Well, not at daughters recital. Kids wore what they pleased, the teacher announced the songs, and the kids skipped away from the piano without a second look. The formal atmosphere made me so nervous; this relaxed recital was just alot of fun!

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