Friday, June 12, 2015

Tall Triangle Tutorial

To make the Tall Triangle quilt (, I first had to design an isosceles triangle template.
Start with a rectangle, 8" tall by 5" wide. Mark the center top.  
Slice from the center down to the corner. Repeat on the other side and there is the isosceles triangle.
On the bottom of the triangle, line up the ruler at 7.75" and trim off that top tiny triangle. (This will help line up the triangle when sewing together.)

Cut the triangle out of a piece of template plastic. It is not very thick plastic, and when I was cutting fabric, I sliced into the side of the template.
 So I taped the template to my 30 degree ruler to stabilize the cutting edge. My triangle is smaller than 30 degrees; I wanted the triangle to be narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.
Fabric is cut 7.75" by the width of fabric. Line the bottom of the template up with the edge of the fabric. Notice that the ruler looks crooked, but that is because I am not following the ruler's lines. I am following the template.
Once cut, flip the ruler the other way. Keep flipping and cutting, stopping at times to realign.
Sewing the triangles together:
Lay them side by side, then flip one onto the other.
Notice how the two points are meeting; I use pins to keep it from slipping out of line.
Here they are sewed and pressed.
Remove the dog ears, then sew the next one on, making sure those points are lining up.

My quilt had 10 different fabrics, sewed together randomly. I did use extra amounts of the focus fabric and the red fabric.

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