Friday, December 18, 2015

More Costuming!

I've been busy sewing a few more costumes. I made two more Victorian Christmas costumes for new members of the homeschool ensemble group. (Daughter has graduated, but I was happy to make additional costumes this year.)
They each received matching muffs, but they were not wearing them for this concert.

I also made a costume for daughter's voice teacher. She won the role of Mrs. Banks in the musical "Mary Poppins".
A very elegant banker's wife!
The production was fantastic; it was sold out or I might have gone to see it a second time! I did not realize how different the broadway musical is compared to the popular movie version. (I think I liked it better :) )

Once the costumes were finished, I wanted to work on something Christmasy without having to do any planning.  
So I pulled out these 2 1/2" strips of Christmas fabrics and started making 16 patch blocks.


I won my very first ribbon!
I entered Soli Deo Gloria III in my guild's quilt show; I think it is a well-earned ribbon!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday: Hexagons

I am English Paper Piecing hexagons!

My quilt guild challenge this year was to make a piece that included shapes and the color blue. I used the book The New Hexagon by Katja Marek as the basis for my incorporation of shapes.
Rhombus, Trapezoid, Triangle, Parallelogram, Hexagon, Rectangle, Square
I used different colors to highlight the geometric shapes I used within each hexagon. The background fabric looks like a starry night. 

Of course, for the back I had to use something else about monkey astronauts?!!!

Another hexie project I have been working on is this:
I hand-pieced most of this while on a cruise this summer. The line of fabric is called Caravan, designed by Jennifer Young for Benartex Fabrics. It is so fun to chose a particular design repeat in the fabrics for a stunning effect. 

So far it measures approximately 26 inches around. I will add more hexagons, but not until after the holidays.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

A New Baby Quilt!

This morning, Miss Emma Lynn was born into my niece's family.
Of course she needs a quilt!
Her mommy requested light yellow, light purple,
and light grey for nursery colors.
The theme is Giraffes,
and Birds!
Here is the completed quilt!

This was a very fun quilt to make, from choosing fabrics (purple is not an easy color to find this year) to designing the pattern! Husband drew the animals for me, and Daughter was the design consultant (she has a really good eye).

I machine quilted this one, my first time trying a free motion design! I used minky on the back with no batting. It is a cute and cuddly quilt for Emma!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Graduation Quilts 2015

My church has four students graduating from high school this year. Here are the quilts that were presented on June 7.

The first is a double bow tie pattern: each block contains two bow ties.

The second is a single bow tie, also known as an hour glass block, set in a modern layout.

The third is a split nine patch block, set in a barn raising pattern.

The fourth one is a four patch block set on point with sashing and cornerstones.
I was not paying attention when the ladies put this one together. The center block is the only one that is turned the correct way. All the blocks were supposed to be set diagonally, like that center block. That way it looks like the diamonds are dropping from the top of the quilt.
My daughter received this quilt; I offered to take it apart and remake it the correct way, as well as machine quilt it, but she said no, she wants it in its original form.
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Orphan WIP/UFO Winner

The winner of the orphan One Block Wonder giveaway is

"My small quilt group sews large bed-sized quilts for high risk teens who are in a program to help them earn a high school diploma. If they complete the program, they are given a "graduation" quilt. We try to make at least six to eight quilts a year."

Thanks to all who entered the drawing. It is encouraging to read about generous quilters who give quilts to comfort those who are hurting or needing encouragement.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tall Triangle Tutorial

To make the Tall Triangle quilt (, I first had to design an isosceles triangle template.
Start with a rectangle, 8" tall by 5" wide. Mark the center top.  
Slice from the center down to the corner. Repeat on the other side and there is the isosceles triangle.
On the bottom of the triangle, line up the ruler at 7.75" and trim off that top tiny triangle. (This will help line up the triangle when sewing together.)

Cut the triangle out of a piece of template plastic. It is not very thick plastic, and when I was cutting fabric, I sliced into the side of the template.
 So I taped the template to my 30 degree ruler to stabilize the cutting edge. My triangle is smaller than 30 degrees; I wanted the triangle to be narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.
Fabric is cut 7.75" by the width of fabric. Line the bottom of the template up with the edge of the fabric. Notice that the ruler looks crooked, but that is because I am not following the ruler's lines. I am following the template.
Once cut, flip the ruler the other way. Keep flipping and cutting, stopping at times to realign.
Sewing the triangles together:
Lay them side by side, then flip one onto the other.
Notice how the two points are meeting; I use pins to keep it from slipping out of line.
Here they are sewed and pressed.
Remove the dog ears, then sew the next one on, making sure those points are lining up.

My quilt had 10 different fabrics, sewed together randomly. I did use extra amounts of the focus fabric and the red fabric.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Another finish! I made this quilt for a friend of my daughter. She graduated high school/homeschool, quite a feat for one who has had multiple surgeries due to scoliosis complications. She plans to be a surgeon someday, but I decided to focus on her love of hunting for the theme of her quilt.

I incorporated various camouflage prints... well as wildlife prints....
 ...and a hunting dog print, with a close likeness to her yellow lab, Kira.
My longarm friend did a fabulous job of an overall swirly design that enhances the quilt but does not detract from the focus fabrics.
For the back, I used a Realtree camouflage print purchased at Joanns. I love the look of the trees!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Orphan WIP/UFO Giveaway!

Cynthia Brunz is hosting a linkup for anyone who has a WIP/UFO that is languishing in the closet and looking to be completed...

Win the quilt..finish the quilt...then donate the quilt to a worthy charity! 

Here is the link...go check it out!

Here is my orphan up for adoption!

It is a One Block Wonder that I started many years ago. I used the Daydream panel by Deb Strain for the blocks. (One panel is included.)
The half blocks are made; I have the pieces labeled by row, but the recipient may rearrange at will!
I will include the book and accompanying class notes.
To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment with the name of the charity that will receive this quilt when it is finished!
Giveaway closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday night, June 14.
I will select a winner on Monday, June 15.
Giveaway is closed.
Winner is announced here: