Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is hard for me to set goals for a year, even for a month. Weekly goals work best for me. But I am going to try to set monthly quilting/sewing goals at the beginning of each month.  

Goals for January 2013:
1. Finish the last Christmas dress started for daughter's American Girl doll.
2. Quilt, bind, and send the Baby Isaiah quilt. He is already 2+ months old.
3. Start daughter's coat. (This was a goal back in November, I think, but the supplies are still in the bag.)
4. Finish the border on the Scrappy Grama quilt. This has to be done by early February, for Grama is coming; I would like to send it home with her, as she has agreed to hand quilt it!

The list does not seem too daunting; time will tell if it is too much for me to accomplish in a month's time.

I have way too many projects started that get set aside when other responsibilities show up in my life. I wonder if I had better time management skills (read--less time online) I would get more done!

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